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Martina Schäffer ...

... is an inspired musician, emphatic teacher and passionate guitarist.

As a soloist, she is acclaimed by audiences in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Mexico. Her favourite repertoire is South American and Austrian Music as well as romantic Spanish guitar works. She also dedicates herself to compemporary compositions, especially with the Lübeck Guitar Trio, which she co-founded in 2000.

Martina Schäffer received her musical education at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt, at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and at the Music University of Lübeck in Germany. She lives and teaches in Vienna as well as in her hometown Eisenstadt.

After her studies, she learned the virtuous and expressive playing technique de Maestro Pepe Romero. She passes on her knowledge of the power and effortlessness of this method to her private pupils and also during workshops and seminaries (Music Forum Viktring, Forum Gitarre Vienna, International Guitar Festival Rust).

Her guitar, made of spruce and rosewood, was built by Pavlos Gypas, a master luthier from Athens. This special and masterfully built instrument inspired contemporary composer Mirco Oldigs to create the spherical work "Wandlungen" ("metamorphoses").

Martina Schäffer´s inspired playing, original interpretations and lively contact to the audience make her concerts a unique experience: Her fine musical feeling and sense of humour turn each of her solo recitals into an equally moving and entertaining experience.

References and Feedback

"Martina Schäffer is a fantastic guitarist!

I appreciate her marvelous musicianship."

Pepe Romero, San Diego, 10.05.2013

„I could listen to her for hours, and I´m sure many other people fel the same."

Hans Niessl, provincial governour of Burgenland, 10.10.2012

"I know Martina Schäffer as a very good teacher, who able to take up each pupil from his current technical/musical position with a lot of patience and logical pedagogical concepts."

Prof. Albert Aigner, Music University Lübeck, 06.05.2013

"Magic moment! I have never seen anyone play the guitar with such dedication. She is one with her guitar."

Concert-goer, Argentina

"It is the greatest revelation I ever had."

Sophia, 11 years old, guitar pupil